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National Children's Week 20 - 28 October 2012

Children's Week is an annual event recognising the talents, skills, achievements and rights of children. A key part of the Children's Week is Universal Children's Day on 24 October 2012 which celebrates childhood and promotes the welfare of children.

See what your local area has planned to celebrate this event by visiting the Children's Week website for your state or territory.

NSW Children's Week - In New South Wales participants are invited to celebrate the right of children to enjoy childhood.

Vic Children's Week - In Victoria the community attention focus on the needs and achievements of children and young people as they thrive, learn and grow.

Qld Children's Week - In Queensland the right of the child to play is the main theme of celebrations.

WA Children's Week - In Western Australia the focus is on positive parenting and childhood.

SA Children's Week - In South Australia the National Year of Reading and International Year of Sustainable Energy for All are the main themes of celebrations.

Tas Children's Week – Playgroup Tasmania Children's Week 2012 have events happening around the state for the whole family.

ACT Children's Week - In the Australian Capital Territory Children's Week is celebrated under the motto A Caring World Shares.

NT Children's Week - Phone 08 8942 2254 for information about Children's Week events and activities in the Northern Territory.