What is approved child care for the purposes of Child Care Benefit (CCB)?

Approved child care is child care that has been approved by the Australian Government for CCB purposes because it meets certain standards and requirements.

In the case of Long Day Care, Family Day Care and Outside School Hours Care, services must also meet the new quality standards set out under the National Quality Framework. CCB approved child care services can receive CCB on behalf of families. You can choose to receive your CCB payments as reduced child care fees or as a lump sum.

What types of CCB approved child care can I choose from?

You can choose from the following types of CCB approved child care:

  • Long Day Care
  • Family Day Care
  • Outside School Hours Care (before and after school and vacation)
  • Occasional Care
  • In Home Care.

Can I get Child Care Benefit if I use CCB approved child care?

Families who satisfy eligibility requirements for CCB may receive payments if they use CCB approved child care.

To be eligible for CCB you need to meet three requirements:

  • Eligibility
    You or your partner (if you have one) meet residency requirements (or have an exemption).
  • Immunisation
    Children up to the age of 19 must meet the Australian Government's immunisation requirements or have an exemption*.
  • Responsibility for child care payments
    You or your partner (if you have one) must be the person responsible for paying your child care costs. If your employer contributes to your child care through salary sacrificing or packaging, you should discuss with them who is responsible for the child care costs.

On 1 January 2016, conscientious objection was removed as an exemption category from meeting the immunisation requirements for Child Care Benefit and Child Care Rebate. This means that unless children are vaccinated, parents will no longer be eligible for Government child care fee assistance. Children can still be exempted on medical grounds.

How many hours of CCB approved care can I receive?

For CCB approved care, all eligible families receive up to 24 hours per child, per week of CCB without meeting the work, training, study test. For up to 50 hours per child, per week, you will need to meet the work, training study test. This means you will need to be working, training, or studying for at least 15 hours per week (or 30 hours per fortnight) or have an exemption from this test.

The work, training, study test looks at whether you and your partner need child care for a work-related commitment. A work-related commitment is one or more of the following activities:

  • paid work
  • self-employment
  • setting up a business
  • looking for work, study or training
  • voluntary work to improve your work skills.

To see if you are eligible for CCB visit the Department of Human Services website or call 136 150.

Find out how much you could receive using the child care estimator on the Department of Human Services website.

Can I get Child Care Rebate if I use CCB approved care?

Yes. You may be able to get the Child Care Rebate if you have used CCB approved child care, are eligible for CCB (even at the zero rate due to your family's income) and have met the work, training, study test at some time during the week or have an exemption. No minimum number of hours is required.

How do I claim a lump sum payment?

If you have now identified that you are eligible for Child Care Benefit but have not received it, you can claim by lodging a Claim for Approved Child Care payments as an annual lump sum payment form with the Department of Human Services for the appropriate financial year:

Families now have one year instead of two years to lodge lump sum claims for Child Care Benefit. This means to lodge a claim for 2017-18 you have until 30 June 2019. Extensions to the one year period may be provided in special circumstances.

Where can I get more information?

To find out more about approved child care, please check the fact sheets below or see the Information for families using child care fact sheet kit.

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