Information for Families and Carers

There is increasing recognition that the early years of a child's life are crucially important. Research has shown that positive, early childhood experiences set the stage for later development, learning and wellbeing.

This page contains links to a range of information on early childhood education options (formal and informal), promoting health and wellbeing for your child, and programmes that provide support for families and carers.

Educational activities for children

Children learn through play and informal activities as well as formal programmes, such as child care and early learning. Details on exciting and engaging activities for children.

Promoting Health and Wellbeing

Good health and wellbeing are essential for all children. Details on ways that you can positively influence your child's eating and physical activity levels and manage the challenges of raising healthy children.

Support for Families and Carers

There are many challenges involved with raising happy healthy children, including children with special needs.

This section has links to information and programmes that help provide support for families and carers. These websites draw on the expertise of professionals around the country and the world.

Programmes for Indigenous Families

Indigenous children in Australia are a particularly vulnerable group. Investment in child care and early learning will give Indigenous children the chance to start learning early and be ready for school. Details on programmes designed to assist Indigenous families with child care and early learning.

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