Out of pocket costs estimator

More information about the out of pocket costs estimator.

These calculations are a guide only and are not a guarantee of payments. You can get an accurate assessment of your entitlements by contacting the Department of Human Services.

  • The total Australian Government assistance entitlements include CCB and CCR payments.
  • These calculations are based on having met CCB and CCR eligibility criteria.
  • Entitlements are indexed annually; these calculations are based on rates for the 2016-17 financial year.
  • These calculations are based on having one eligible child in child care; families with more than one child may be entitled to more Government assistance.
  • CCR is capped at a maximum rate of $7,500 per child, per financial year and this is not applied to these calculations.
  • These calculations do not include the impact of withholding 15 per cent of the fortnightly CCR payment option for families with more than the zero rate of CCB.
  • These calculations are based on 10 hours per day for a full day and include part time loading.
  • These calculations do not apply to Special CCB, Grandparent CCB, Jobs, Education and Training, non-standard hours care, registered care/informal care or preschool. If your care falls into any of these categories, you will need to contact the Department of Human Services

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